Young people with developmental disabilities should be actively involved in activities that will expose them to and offer the opportunity to practice not only the actual skills needed for a particular career, but also the work readiness skills needed to find and maintain employment.

What does Working look like?

Examples of career exploration activities include the following:

  • Career interest assessments, job shadowing, job and career fairs, and workplace visits and tours
  • Career-related goal setting and planning
  • Internships;
  • Work experience, including summer employment
  • Information on entrepreneurship
  • Networking activities
  • Mock interviews
  • Work readiness workshops
  • Visits from representatives of specific industries to speak to youth participants about the employment opportunities and details of working within their industry
  • Mock job searches, including locating positions online and in the newspaper, "cold-calling," preparing resumes, and writing cover letters and thank-you letters
  • Visits to education or training programs
  • Job coaching or mentoring
  • Learning activities using computers and other current workplace technology

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